How to Earn Money Online in India ?

To earn money online in India without investment at home, you need only the following things.

    1   Email Id (Gmail or Yahoo or MSN or any email id)

    2   PayPal Account / Payza Account

    3   Current or Saving account in any bank in India(Sbi or Icici or Pnb or Axis bak or in any bank)
    4   Account in any paying Advertisement Site.Also known as Paid To Click (ptc) Site.
Ex. Clixsense, Newbux etc


 How the things Work ?

  You actually earn money by viewing ads on advertisement site . This money is in dollar($). When you earn enough money, you  transfer this money to your Paypal account because advertisement site allow only transfer money in your Paypal/ Payza account in dollar($).When money arrive in your  Paypal/Payza account you transfer this money in your bank account.
  (by  attaching   your bank detail such as account number in your Paypal account).
Paypal automatically convert this money in Rupee(RS) ,Now money is in your bank account in Rupee(RS) you can withdraw money easily now from bank using ATM

  Step 1   How to create an Email account ?

     To create an email account is very simple and free .You need sign up only. It will take 2 min only.
     To create email account Go to  Gmail account

      If you already have email account ,then there is no need to create New email ID

   Step 2   How to create Paypal account and Why ?

Paypal account is free to create. Its like a online bank where you store money that you earn from advertisement site.

      To create Paypal account read this post " How to create Paypal account in India "
    If you already have Paypal account ,then there is no need to create new Paypal account.

   Step 3   Current or saving bank account in any bank of india

         Bank account is required so that you can withdraw money from bank or using ATM . If you dont have bank account go to any bank near to you and open an account.

      If you already have bank account ,then there is no need to open new  bank account

      Now I am assuming that you have all 3 account
            * Email account
            * Paypal account
            * Account in any bank in India

    Step 4   How to create account on advertisement site ?

          There are many advertisement site to view ads. example. Clixsense.
          Today i m going to discuss about 1st site. First of all you should create account on this site. to create PTC account free, plz   sign up here.

          View the Article  Earn money online from ClixSense in India


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