Google Adsense

It is an agreement between you as a publisher and google adsense. In this agreement, google requires you to either own a website as like online newspapers, or create a free blog. The purpose for this is so that they advertise  on your site or blog. Google is willing to pay you cool bucks for a chance to advertise on your site (which can either be a good blog or an actual website).

Be An Affiliate - Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing or How To Become A Super Affiliate In 3 Easy Steps

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on-line or off-line because you don't need any experience to get started and you can promote literally anything you can think of because there are exists so many affiliate offers and services to promote within any niche you can think of.

It's much more enjoyable and suitable to stay motivated when you're talking and writing about things which are you interested in to make your money than doing something just for the sake of making money.
In this article, I will talk about how to be a good affiliate and make money online with 3 important methods.

First, email marketing is likely the most lucrative way to make money from affiliate marketing. This entails capturing visitors to your site's e-mail addresses so that you can follow-up with them and send them e-mails in the future. You can create an auto responder series which is a prewritten series of e-mails which every new subscriber receives and through this series you can identify and fix your subscriber's problem. Within that auto responder series you could also offer the solution to that problem in the form of your affiliate link.
So if you had a own website about curing acne, obviously having acne would be the problem and focus of your autoresponder and you could promote products within your autoresponder designed to clear your reader's acne while delivering quality information at the same time on the subject. E-mail marketing is a great way to develop a relationship with your subscriber and this significantly increases the chances that they will purchase from you, as well.

Second, Twitter is another easy & quick way to make money affiliate marketing. Twitter users was following this in the thousands and beyond are constantly being paid by advertisers to advertise their products to their list. There are lots of great ways to develop your Twitter following which I will cover at the end of this article, but developing a huge Twitter following and being paid to tweet or tweeting out about affiliate offers which you are promoting can turn into a huge payday within the time it takes to write a tweet.

Lastly you can and should write articles on your topic. Article writing on directories like (Yahoo! Directory,EzineArticles) , Forums is great because not only do you get link juice and the traffic on the site itself but your articles can be syndicated to other people's blogs which means that they're publishing your article word for word on their sites while keeping your resource box intact so that you get to keep those links in place pointing back to your site.You can see so much traffic coming in overnight assuming you're a good writer and are creating unique and interesting content within your field. I've seen thousands of views come in on some of my articles here within a few days because just the right webmasters syndicated my work, putting it in front of a brand new audience and bringing with a lot of traffic which resulted in a lot of conversions/sales.

More ways to make money online with your own Blog or free website

Only a few of minutes ago before writing this important article, I happen to discover a young man, 25years old but has earn over a million dollars from blogging. His claims are verifiable, and it just goes to show how much money can be made from blogging.
There is a lot of cash to be gotten on the Internet, and today I will be share with you only about 15+ of those ways in which you can make money from your blog or blogs as the case may be. And any further waste of valuable time, I am just going to get into it at once.

Making So Money With Google Adsense

You may already be familiar with Google Adsense. However, for those that are not, I will quickly explain it. Google Adsense are contextual Ads that Google will display on your blog or website. The ads are related to the content on your blog or website, and when your visitor clicks on any one of them to get further information on interest them, you will make money from it.

Making So Money With Chitika

Social Media

                                               Chitika   Advertisers
Since 1st weak of 2004 when chitika began offering its online ads service, more than 25000 bloggers and website publishers are already using it to make money monthly. With over 70+ power-packed revenue earning ad units, chitika has the largest collection of revenue generating solution catering to bloggers and website owners of all sizes, and a lot of bloggers testify of making more money with chitika than with any other source.


Chitika is an easy to use platform for earning daily ad revenue, and they pay through paypal and check (for those in countries that do not get paypal services). They make payment each month minimum of 10$ and 50$ for check payment. (proof)
To be able to the most money using chitika, you will need to read some ebooks on how to use it efficiently.

Making So money with Amazon

You can earn  money from your blog or website by becoming Amazon’s associate. That is, you will be just sending your site visitors to Amazon products through links and banners from your blog. When visitors click on the links and banners from your blog you can earn up to 15% on all purchases made during their shopping session.

Many people think Amazon is only about books, but this is not true. There are lots of different products types apart from books to sex elements that you can find to promote. Amazon also pays monthly through check, among other means of sending money to their associates. To be Amazon’s associates, go to and click on the Amazon  .


Do you have a Website? Do you need one? If you spend time and money on an Internet presence, what can you expect? If you're not online yet, here's an update to help you understand the good, the bad, and the wired.
Internet realities” as you may seem like to call it is a concept that seeks to enlighten the general population on the great benefits of the internet. It entails a step by step guide of the various ways of how to make so money online. It provides some links to various money making sites and explains how to go about making money from these sites.
The internet is a “goldmine” as Mr. David would rightly say, it is a place where you can make a lot of money  with so little tics , but its funny cause to this same place others would go, yet will not see anything interesting or find anything worthwhile to do while “browsing” so to.
Mr. David is the original pioneer or “inventor” of the “Internet realities” if I may say. He pioneered this concept in other to help young minds like you and I make some extra cash, all in the bid to make life comfortable for this generation.

There are a million and one ways to make money online, but I would be taken you on a step by step journey into this ways one at a time, so as to give you the maximum dose of INTERNET REALITIES. - Make Money Online sharing shrinked links is a free URL shortening service that pays you to share your links on the Internet! You get paid for every person that visits your shrinked URLs. Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums, personal websites and any social networking sites.

Few weeks ago I've decided to do a little experiment online. The experiment about I had no opinion about this program yet and this was the whole point of this experiment. Some people said that it's the best and others said that is a scam. In this experiment I tried to get the results to show if is a scam site or a good program that can make you some money online. A lot of people participated in the experiment, shared their opinion and followed the updates and finally...the results and proofs were here! certanly isn't a scam, it's totaly legitimate and proven way to make money online. With good traffic to your links and good promotion of these links you can make good money. The service is not a scam and if you put some work in it, you can make a lot of money online with!

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How can you make money online with
tips to help you start
One word - EASY! You can follow these simple steps that will help you to get started and then just see your earnings grow!

1. Join
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You can see how links look like on these links below!

1. Tools and Resources for Squidoo Lensmasters
2. 10 Best Selling Laptops 2011
3. Cool Facebook Status Ideas

3. Follow my tips to increse your earnings and make more money

You can check out my other tips to increse earnings and make more money online with Tips can be found on my blog Make Money on Twitter in the category. You'll sure find those tips useful and by following them you'll sure increase your earnings. So go check them out! Link List
useful links
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ website. is a free URL shortening service that pays you to share your links on the Internet! You get paid for every person that visits your shrinked URLs. forums

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I've decided to do a little experiment online. The experiment about one site, one money making program. About I have no opinion about this program y

Monetize your blog easily

To monetize your blog, follow three easy steps 
Step 1
Log on to your blogger account.

Step 2
Go to the blog you want to monetize and click the link that says monetize
You would be asked if you want to use an already existing adsense account(if you already having) or apply for a new one.
Step 3
 Use an already existing account if you have gotten approval from google.(be sure to provide the gmail address associated with the account and also the publisher’s id like as pub-xxxxxxxxxxx

 Create a new account if you have no account exists . (Remember that it is illegal to apply for adsense more than once, so be sure not to.)
From here just follow the step by step instructions that comes next and you are good to go.


Ads should start running on your blog as soon as possible once your account has been approved.

Hope this has been useful. Please click here to go back to main page.