Clixsense is a Survey Site, it is not PTC anymore

Clixsense Review. Is Clixsense Scam or Legit? Clixsense is a Survey Site, it is not PTC anymore.
Update: Clixsense is now just a survey site. It has discontinued its PTC part from 15 July 2017 and now you can earn money in Clixsense only by completing surveys and offers and referring people. So, now we have updated our Clixsense review as below as per the new program of Clixsense. However, before that we want to make you clear that now we are not listing Clixsense within our Good and Trusted Online Works section anymore because now we only list those sites within our Good and Trusted Online Works section from where we can earn some decent amount of money. But, from Clixsense we can earn only pocket money and that is also if we can make 1000s of referrals. Everyone is not good at referring people and even if someone can refer people, why they refer to some site where they can only make pocket money by referring 1000s of people instead of referring to those sites where they can at least earn some decent monthly income after referring 1000s of people, for example the sites which we have listed within our Good and Trusted Online Works section which you can find by clicking the link as below:-

That is why we don't recommend Clixsense. However, since it is paying and although it is very low amount, but also you can earn from it free of cost by completing surveys and so on, so it is completely upto you either you want to work in it or not. So following review is only for you to give the clear picture of Clixsense. Neither to promote it, nor to recommend it.

However, if you are looking for full time online income and planning to established you online career, then you should join company like Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:- Sign Up Clixsense

OK, let's begin with the ClixSense Review as below to find out what is Clix Sense in real.

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Background of Clixsense:- has been launched at Feburary 2007 and Mr. Steven Grisky was the owner of Clixsense at that time. But later on May 2010, it was sold to Mr. Jim Grago and since that, Mr. Grago is operating it.
Rating: 45/100
Suitable for: All
Recommended: Yes
Price to join: Free

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a survey site where you can earn money by completing the surveys, offers and tasks. You can earn from $0.1 to $5+ per survey, offer and task that you complete in Clixsense. Once you join the company, you will find the various surveys, offers and tasks by navigating through its menu and you need to complete those surveys as per the guidance given in those surveys. But, It is not as simple as that because most of time you will be kick out in the middle of survey and you will get nothing for your work. More than that, if you are from Asian region, then it is better you forget to work in Clixsense because you will not get any good number of surveys to earn money form Clixsense.

Who can work in Clixsense? is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner and professional online workers)

Clixsense program details (How can we earn money in Clixsense?)

As we mentioned earlier, you can earn money by completing the surveys, offers and tasks. However, most of the surveys are geographically targeted, so there are more surveys for western countries than the eastern ones and even if you are from western countries, chances of getting kicked out from the middle of surveys are maximum. So, be prepare as a volunteer in most of the surveys.

How to earn more money in Clixsense?

It will be very slow to earn money just by completing surveys, offers and tasks on your own. But the referral program in Clixsense can provide you the best opportunity to earn more money.

ClixSense Review: How I Earned Rs. 65,000+ from ClixSense

When people try to search online for make money option, one of the most common way they come across is PTC sites.

When you try to find list of PTC sites, you will get hundreds or even thousands of PTC sites who claims that you can make good income from PTC sites.

But do you know only a few handful of PTC sites are there which are good. Check this list of PTC sites which pay  their members.

But out of these good PTC sites, I prefer ClixSense the most.

After all, I have made around more than Rs. 65,000/- in just one year time from ClixSense.

And that too by spending only 10 minutes a day on ClixSense.

So if you are looking for ways to make money online, you need to add this way in your list as one of the option because it takes not more tan 5-10 minutes of your daily time.

So before you signup and start making money from ClixSense, I want to give you some special ideas & review how exactly you can earn money from PTC sites & how you can multiply your income using some simple tips & tricks.

ClixSense Review: How to Make Money from ClixSense

First thing you need to do is signup ClixSense from this link. After signup, you will receive a validation link from ClixSense.

Once you click the validation link, ClixSense will ask you to login to your account. After you login, it will ask you to add some more details in  your profile like address, secret question & most important is payment method.

There are 6 methods of payment, first is PayPal and second is Payza, others are Skrill, Payoneer Paytoo,  TANGOO Card etc.

Get Paid to Read Ads with 6 Most Trusted PTC Sites

There are millions of people worldwide who are dependent on PTC sites (Get Paid to click websites) when it comes to fulfill their extra earning requirements.

But only a fraction of people are earning good money from these PTC sites. There are many reason for this but one of the biggest reason is many of them join scam PTC sites.

So you don’t need to worry as we have tested hundreds of sites & after doing our research & receiving payments from some of the sites, we are able to recommend you to these PTC sites for extra earnings.

PTC sites are nothing but paid to click sites where you can join & get paid for viewing the ads. If you work 5-7 minutes on one website daily then you  can earn $200 monthly (Rs 10,000+) from these 6 sites.

Payment Proofs Of Online Jobs Income

In this article, our Earn Money Online blog described those paying sites which are absolutely free & you don’t have to pay anything anywhere. So there is no question that we are providing any fake make money( dollar)  income opportunities.

All the online jobs  which are describe here are 100% trusted & more than 200000 people from all over the world are earning good income from these programs......

Our blog articles to make you more confident about these income opportunities, we are showing you some of the latest payment proofs from these online jobs so that you will be 100% sure that you are not wasting your time & earn dollar as per hour.

Online Jobs Payment Proofs

Check below some of the latest payment proofs from all online jobs

 Clixsene Payment Proofs :


Payoneer payment proofs:

Paypal Payment Proofs:

Earn money online from ClixSense in India

ClixSense is one of the best paying site for Indian Peoples.This site is paying to its user from Feb 2007.
 To earn so money online with ClixSense follow these steps.
    Clixsense Sign Up

         Step 1.  Go to the site SignUp page and create an account.

         Step 2.   View advertisement.(only click cat image)

         Step 3.   Check account balance.

         Step 4   Transfer money from this account to Paypal account

         Step 5   Transfer money from Paypal / Payza to bank account

Watch this video to know how to create account on ClixSense ,watch advertisement and earn money

To view video in Full Screen on a new tab
 Click here to watch Video on Full Screen

How to Earn Money Online in India ?

To earn money online in India without investment at home, you need only the following things.

    1   Email Id (Gmail or Yahoo or MSN or any email id)

    2   PayPal Account / Payza Account

    3   Current or Saving account in any bank in India(Sbi or Icici or Pnb or Axis bak or in any bank)
    4   Account in any paying Advertisement Site.Also known as Paid To Click (ptc) Site.
Ex. Clixsense, Newbux etc


How to create a clixsense account & earning million dollar

  Clixsence is The best and most trusted PTC                         program in the world.


   Running since 2007,
7.8 million+ users worldwide
Paid so far more than 25 million dollars!
Ways to earn: by clicking on the ads, referring direct referrals, completing offers, completing surveys, listening to the radio, CROWDFLOWER TASKS etc...
Free ClixGrid with 30 chances to win up to $10 every day (60 chances for premium members)
8-levels affiliate program
Unlimited direct refferal number
25 or more ads per day, click rate $0.001-$0.02 (depends on your membership)
Referrals: $0.0001-$0.004 per click (depends on your membership)
Payout minimum $8 for standard members and $6  for upgraded members
Payout method: PayPal, Paytoo, Payza, Neteller, check (USA, Canada, Mexico) 
FORUM: YES+ forum on 20 international languages
Price to join: FREE
Memberships: Standard (FREE), PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: $17 (1 year)