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About 1 month ago, I wrote about a new URL shortener  Adfly. At that time, I had freshly joined the program as it was an intriguing way to earn passive income so I basically just started a fresh twitter account just for that program.


Overview of Adfly

Adfly simply takes a long url and shortens it. These kinds of shortener services are perfect for microblogging platforms like twitter because of the character limitations. The unique thing that adfly does is that it adds an advertisement that the visitor will see while going to the website. You earn for every view.

As you can see, the potential is to earn passive income completely through adviews. However, you want to be careful so as not to bog down you regular sites with ads.

Adfly does give the option of less obtrusive ads, but they pay less. I just opted to use a new account just for adfly links.

I simply picked a niche for my new twitter account. I chose to focus on shopping. I simply wrote a short bio about how I like to look for shopping deals and bargains and then started routing rss feeds to that twitter account.

I use dlvr.it to route the feeds. It’s a very simple matter to use the Adfly api as the default shortener so all the links go through Adfly.

All the rss feeds focus on money and bargains. Of course, I was able to add some affiliate links as well. The reason I picked this niche was that I figured that people who are looking for bargains are likely to click through to the deals.

Then I started building up my twitter following.

So, in the first few days, I only got a few click throughs, but as my twitter following grew, I got more and more.

Currently, I have a little over 4000 followers.

You can see how I’m growing my twitter following in my free article here.

So, at this point, I’m getting upwards of 20 clicks a day. Just looking at my Adfly stats, I’m probably earning 3-5 cents a day in clickthroughs. While that doesn’t sound like much, remember this is a new account and it’s growing.  I earn more and more every day and  it’s passive income. I’m doing nothing more than growing my twitter following.  Not to mention that at the same time, some of my affiliate links are getting clickthroughs as well.

I must say, I’m feeling fairly optimistic about this url shortener and thought I’d give all of you a quick update.

If would like to earn passive income this way, you can sign up for Adfly free below:



Just a quick update to my Adfly to twitter cash generating method:

Create unlimited new niche twitter accounts using the same gmail account by simply adding a “+” after your username.  e.g. “username+keyword@gmail.com”
Set up your adfly api as the default url shortener using dlvr.it
Grab rss feeds related to your niche from around the web and route them to your new twitter account
Follow tweeters in your niche using twiends or tweepi.  (You can still use the method I mentioned up above, but you need to use the old firefox browser and be careful not to follow people too quickly)
For a complete tutorial on how I create niche twitter account and route rss feeds using Adfly, you can read my article on sending RSS feeds to niche twitter accounts.  That article will give you a detailed step by step tutorial with screenshots explaining how to use the Adfly API with twitter.

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