Monetize your blog easily

To monetize your blog, follow three easy steps 
Step 1
Log on to your blogger account.

Step 2
Go to the blog you want to monetize and click the link that says monetize
You would be asked if you want to use an already existing adsense account(if you already having) or apply for a new one.
Step 3
 Use an already existing account if you have gotten approval from google.(be sure to provide the gmail address associated with the account and also the publisher’s id like as pub-xxxxxxxxxxx

 Create a new account if you have no account exists . (Remember that it is illegal to apply for adsense more than once, so be sure not to.)
From here just follow the step by step instructions that comes next and you are good to go.


Ads should start running on your blog as soon as possible once your account has been approved.

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