Neobux – The Definite Guide To Make REAL Money With It


Attention Cash Seeker!

Have you ever considered signing up for one of these “PPC” (Paid per Click) sites like Neobux to earn some extra income? Well, you’re in luck! This site will help you make some serious money… And trust me: You need all the quality information you can get.

What is Neobux all about? After signing up which is totally for free, you’re being shown ads every day on the Neobux website, and you can make money when clicking on these. You can also refer friends and get credit every time THEY click on an ad, too.

As soon as you reach the payout limit, the money in your balance is being transfered to your Paypal account.


1. Signup for Neobux by clicking here.
(Don’t worry, it will open in a new window so you won’t loose this guide)

2. Go to and read through the page.

If you want to make a lot of money effortlessly, just by viewing advertisements and browsing the Internet, consider signing up for Neobux today! What better way to complement your income by getting paid for what you love to do anyway — browse the Internet. Better yet, if you’re completely bored of your current job and want to make a living doing nothing but browsing the web, then you can do all this with Neobux too. Spend a few hours a day watching sponsors’ advertisements and see the money pouring into your bank account. But hurry and sign up today, the ads to watch are disappearing fast as you are reading this!

How does Neobux work?

Neobux is a completely free paid-to-click service. It is actually the leading service provider in the industry and has been in the market for more than seven years. They are a completely International company and remove all the barriers of entry from the product.
Basically, what you will be doing is partnering with Neobux and their affiliate advertisers. All you need to do is look at as many ads as possible — read websites, watch videos and so on. But there’s a catch and the catch is that YOU decide how much YOU want to earn.
It’s simple. You are given a limited amount of time in which to view the ad or click the link and you need to do this before anyone else. The faster you are, the more you can earn!
How many jobs do you know where the more effort you put in the more money you earn? In most office jobs, you slave away for 6 hours a day and then employment laws take away even 2 hours of that from you for “breaks”. Worst of all, if you do put in some overtime in the evening, you are limited to a certain amount of hours a month. You want to work, but they’re not letting you!
Well what about if you skip all of that nonsense and work for Neobux? As stated before, YOU decide when you want to work and how much you want to earn.

Example earnings

You can use the Neobux Earnings Calculator on their website to figure out how much money you can earn. Let’s say you spend just a few hours a day clicking on our affiliates’ advertisements. If you click only once a day and that results in 500 referrals, you can make $159 a month.
But let’s say you’re really good at this and you’re a superstar and you click 6 times a day with 4,000 referrals, you stand to make a staggering $87,709 per year! That’s more than a registered nurse!
How do referrals work?

By now you’ve probably noticed that the more referrals you have, the more you stand to earn with Neobux. So how do referrals work?
A referral is basically a friend, someone who works for you! A referral simply receives the same amount of money that each user gets when they click advertisements — however, if a user clicks advertisements that are in your referral, then you will get cash too.

There are different types of referrals:

Direct referrals: Registered users who use your username as their referrer (ideally you recruit your friends and family to do this).

Rented referrals: You can rent them too!

There are three ways to get referrals:

a) Use Neobux banners online by posting on forums, blogs and so on. If someone clicks on that banner, they will be sent to the Neobux website and register. You then start making money from their referral.

b) Talk to people! Simply tell everyone you know to register at Neobux and when they do, type your name in the referrer field.

c) Don’t have friends? Don’t post on forums? No problem! You can even rent referrals to work for you! They will be paid by the system when they do your referring and clicking — you can have an army of referrals for 30 calendar days. And the best part about this system is that lazy people cannot be rented out — you’re guaranteed to only get referrals who actually click frequently in the past 5 days!

What about different levels of service?

There are various levels of membership and they directly influence the amount of referrals you can have on your account:

Standard: 300

Golden: 2000

Emerald: 2000

Platinum: 2000

Sapphire: 2500

Diamond: 3000

Ultimate: 4000

Additionally, if you take out the Ultimate package, then you can get rentals even after the normal limitations have been put in place for others. So you can literally get as much money as you want with the Ultimate package!

Handy features of the Neobux system

Simply set up all your payment options automatically. Connect with your Paypal and let everything go on autopilot. You’ll get the hang of it after a few days and you can literally watch the money pouring in.

You can also set up Autopay for your referrals. On the first click they make each day, you will pay to keep the referral for an extra day. What better way to retain others that are as diligent workers as you?

Recycle referrals who are inactive or do not click enough for a very low feel of just 7c!

What do you need to use Neobux?

A mouse, a computer and an internet connection. The greatest thing about Neobux is that they are not like all the others out there who allow cheating with botting programs. Literally only those people get money who actually click. This makes it fun too. It’s like a race and there’s a big prize at the end and you are competing against all of these other people too.

Can I sign up my family and friends?

Yes, and you should! The more referrals you sign up the more you will make. And if they sign up all their family and friends to Neobux too, then you stand to make even more as the circle of love keeps going!

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