How to Use Neobux

A tutorial on working with the website

Join Neobux, confirm email then log in to your account with your username and password that you chose. Type in the Turing code to prove you are not a robot!

Add to your Favourites or Bookmark your home page as you will be coming here each day.

There are always at least 4 ads (advertisements) to click for a Standard Member, sometimes more (many more if you upgrade). The red 4 will vanish once you have clicked your 4 ads and earned 4 cents.

If you visit your account several times a day you may see another ad to click - a red 1 will show that you have another 1 cent ad to click. Sometimes it is a brown 1 which is for a half cent mini-ad. They quickly fill their quota so you may be unlucky and find you are too late for a valid click.

Remember you can click on the same ads once every day, so even if you are not upgraded and have no referrals you will get paid in 7 weeks for just clicking 10 minutes each day; maybe while you read your emails!!

If you have referrals (members who have joined Neobux under you) then you must click at least 4 ads each day to be credited with your earnings from those referrals.

All clicks are one left mouse click.

 1. Click on View Ads link

(2. click your name to go back to your account home page)

               Click on View Advertisements in Your Neobux Profile Page
 3. Click on white link or yellow star to select ad. If the star is grey then it is used.

               Select the Neobux ad

 4. Click on Red button to open ad. It changes position each time.

               Click on Red Button

 5. Wait for the ad to load    
             Wait for the Neobux ad to load

6. Wait for the timer to finish changing from white to yellow.  
             Wait for the Neobux ad timer to finish

7. Wait for paid validation to appear which takes some time. Then you can close the window tab. Goto 3.  
             Wait for Neobux Advertisement to Validate

8. Go back and click the next link.
             Go Back and Click on Next Neobux Ad Link

 How to Get Paid by Neobux

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